Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci: A Record-Breaking Lesson on Estate Planning and Will Preparation

When we hear about record-breaking achievements, our minds often wander to the fields of sports or entertainment. However, sometimes extraordinary accomplishments can be found in unexpected places, such as the culinary world. Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci recently made headlines by breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking hours, spending an astonishing 100 consecutive hours cooking. While her achievement is undoubtedly impressive, it also serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of having an estate plan and a will in place.

Recognizing the Importance of Planning:

Just as Chef Hilda Baci meticulously planned her record-breaking cooking marathon, so too should we meticulously plan our estates. Estate planning involves organizing and managing our assets during our lifetime and ensuring their smooth transfer to our chosen beneficiaries after our passing. It is an essential process that provides peace of mind and security for ourselves and our loved ones.

Protecting Your Loved Ones:

Chef Baci’s determination and perseverance are qualities we should emulate when considering the well-being of our loved ones. By establishing a comprehensive estate plan and drafting a will, we can protect our family and ensure their financial stability. A will allows us to specify how our assets should be distributed and who will assume guardianship of our minor children, ensuring that our wishes are honored even after we are gone.

Preserving Your Legacy:

Just as Chef Hilda Baci’s remarkable feat will be remembered for years to come, an estate plan can help preserve and protect your personal legacy. Through estate planning, you can outline how your assets should be utilized, whether to support charitable causes, establish scholarships, or contribute to causes that are meaningful to you. By doing so, you can make a lasting impact on the world and leave behind a legacy that reflects your values.

Minimizing Conflicts and Taxes:

An estate plan and will can help minimize conflicts among family members by providing clear instructions and preventing ambiguity. By clearly articulating your intentions and wishes, you can reduce the chances of disputes arising over your assets. Additionally, a well-crafted estate plan can help minimize tax liabilities, ensuring that more of your hard-earned assets are preserved for your loved ones and the causes you care about.

Seeking Professional Guidance:

Just as Chef Hilda Baci honed her culinary skills through years of experience and sought guidance from experts in her field, it is crucial to consult with professionals when creating an estate plan. Estate planning attorneys and financial advisors can provide valuable insights and help navigate the complexities of the process. Their expertise will ensure that your estate plan is legally sound, tailored to your specific needs, and aligned with the applicable laws and regulations.

Final Note:

Chef Hilda Baci’s extraordinary accomplishment in the culinary world reminds us of the importance of preparation, determination, and setting goals. Similarly, when it comes to estate planning and will preparation, we must approach the task with the same level of dedication and foresight. By taking the time to plan our estates, we can safeguard our loved ones, preserve our legacy, and ensure that our wishes are fulfilled long after we are gone. Let Chef Hilda Baci’s record-breaking journey inspire us to embark on our own journey towards securing our financial future through estate planning and will preparation.

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Applications are now open for ARM Labs Innovation Program 5.0

As a leading investment firm in Nigeria, we understand the critical role that startups play in driving economic growth and development. We are thrilled to announce that the 5th Cohort of the ARM Labs Innovation Program is now open for applications.

What is the ARM Labs Innovation Program?

The ARM Labs Innovation Program is an intensive support program for selected Nigerian startups. The program aims to improve their products, expand their market, and strengthen their team skillset to enhance their chances of success.

What’s new in the 5th Cohort?

This year’s Innovation program has been expanded to accommodate FinTech, PenTech (Pension Tech), Data Intelligence, and Digital Trade startups. With a focus on empowering Nigeria’s future leaders, we aim to discover and support potential startups in these categories.

What’s in it for the startups?

Selected startups will receive up to $50,000 in funding, a state-of-the-art office workspace, hands-on mentorship from industry experts, and access to an investor network. These benefits will provide the selected startups with the resources they need to take their businesses to the next level.

Why should you apply?

This program represents a unique opportunity for Nigeria’s brightest and most innovative minds to showcase their potential and significantly impact the economy. By supporting the most promising startups, we are investing in the future of Nigeria.

How can you apply?

If you or anyone you know has a startup that fits into the listed categories, we encourage you to apply for this opportunity. Interested applicants can click here to apply and learn more about the program. Applications will close on June 15th, 2023.

We are excited to witness the impact that the 5th Cohort of the ARM Labs Innovation Program will have on Nigeria’s startup ecosystem. We encourage you to share this opportunity with any promising startups that you know and look forward to receiving your applications.

ARM Wraps Up DAAYTA 2023 Announces Winner Of ₦12m Grant

The fifth edition of the Deji Alli ARM Young Talent Award (DAAYTA) program came to a successful conclusion through a virtual pitch event, and Captain Natima Opuiyo of Natibo Technologies emerged as winner of N12 million grant.

The program was established in honor of ARM’s founding CEO, Deji Alli, to support young entrepreneurs with innovative and sustainable ideas capable of impacting society positively. After a rigorous review of over 450 applications from start-up entrepreneurs across Nigeria, seven outstanding companies were selected to pitch their ideas. The selected startups were Cdial Limited, Moon Innovations, Natibo Technologies Nigeria Limited, Sakula Limited, StackJunior, Strich, Inc., and ThinkBikes Limited.

The finalists delivered captivating pitches, demonstrating their ingenuity and the potential of their technologies to disrupt various industries. A panel of judges, comprising industry experts, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, tech enthusiasts, and seasoned professionals, evaluated the pitches and selected the winner. The winner of DAAYTA 2023 received funding of ₦12,000,000 (twelve million naira) over a period of one (1) year for the following purposes: development of business plan, completing of an entrepreneurial education at the Pan Atlantic University’s Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) in Lagos, Nigeria, and receiving 5-month acceleration support for the development of their venture through a reputable entrepreneurial hub in Lagos, Nigeria.

The DAAYTA program is a testament to ARM’s commitment to supporting start-ups and providing them access to new markets. The virtual event held on April 14, 2023, witnessed enthusiastic participation from entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.

The CEO of ARM Group, Jumoke Ogundare, said in her opening remarks, “We are thrilled with the level of innovation and creativity displayed by the finalists of DAAYTA 2023. The ideas presented were truly exceptional, and we are excited to see how these young entrepreneurs will continue to positively impact their communities and contribute to the growth of the Nigerian economy.”

In addition, the CEO congratulated all the finalists and the winner of DAAYTA 2023, stressing that one of the major purposes of the program was to encourage collaboration within the DAAYTA alumni network.

A unique addition to the DAAYTA 2023 is the introduction of the DAAYTA Alumni Impact Award. The award was created to reaffirm the commitment to supporting the start-ups in the ecosystem and further deepening the relationship with the alumni through closer engagement, interaction, connections, and continuous support for their business growth.

The winners of the DAAYTA Alumni Impact Award were Fela Akinse, the founder of SALUBATA (DAAYTA 2021 edition), Boluwatife Omotayo, the founder of GAMP Technology, (DAAYTA 2022), and Uche Kenneth Udekwe, the founder of Natal Cares (DAAYTA 2021).

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