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The Professional Development Consortium is home to the CPD Standards Office, the CPD Research Project and the Provider of Training Excellence. Their wealth of knowledge and research within the Learning and Development Industry and their team of industry professionals on the Expert Advisory Board are a few of the reasons that contribute to the detailed and rigorous assessment processes they have in place.

ARM Academy is proud to announce that we have recently achieved accredited CPD Status with the CPD Standards Office.


To achieve the accreditation, ARM Academy passed through a rigorous assessment process that focuses on the development and delivery of training programmes including our educational authority, how we collect and utilise our delegate feedback and ensure our content is kept up to date.

Now that ARM Academy has achieved this accreditation and status as an accredited CPD Provider, we are committed to working hard to maintain and exceed, the excellent standard we have already set.

ARM Academy was set up in 2014 with the objective to use learning and development to drive corporate strategies, innovation, develop talent and leadership and sustain the ARM culture.

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