Benita’s Corner (Episode 2): Rachel’s transformation

Benita’s Corner (Episode 2): Rachel’s transformation

Holla peeps! I hope you didn’t miss me too much.

Without further ado, I’ll just get back to the gist I was narrating the last time we met. Yes, Rachel… <Read Episode one>


How did this reunion even happen? I went to an eatery for lunch with some guys from the office and while we ate, Jeff from Procurement who thinks he’s handsome (he’s really just there) lets out a slow whistle. We all followed his gaze and it landed on this bombshell of a woman who was fueling her car beside the eatery.


Folks, let me not even lie, she oozed class and money. What?! She was standing near her car, a sleek Mercedes Benz. As someone who loved fashion, I could tell that she was wearing designers from head to toe. Her dark skin shone, and her long legs were framed by these wicked Louboutin heels. I was drooling.


When she turned towards the eatery we were in, I almost choked on the dodo I was chewing. That can’t be!


I immediately stood up and ran to the door. I’m sure my colleagues would have thought me crazy in that instant, but that was the least of my worries.


I ran to this beautiful ebony figure and threw my arms around her. In shock, she turned, and her face lit up in recognition. “Benita!” she screamed and hugged me right back. This was my paddy, Rachel. The same one I used to drink garri with in Uni when sapa would hold us. The same one that stayed up at night with me, weaving dreams of the life we would have years after graduation. This same Rachel was distraught with frustration when three years after I had started working, she was still job searching.


Yes, the same Rachel!


“Rachel, it’s been a long time. Na only for WhatsApp we dey chat these days and that one sef is once once. Are you now in Lagos?” I quizzed.


She laughed out loud and responded “There’s so much to talk about but not here my friend. In response to your last question, yes, I’m now in Lagos. You look great though B, why don’t we meet up to catch up on good times babe? If Saturday looks good for you, we can meet at my place.” I agreed happily while thinking in my mind “See Banana Island telling Ikorodu it looks good.” She gave me her address and I held on to it for dear life.


After one last hug and a few air kisses, she stepped into that gorgeous car and drove off into Lagos traffic. I just stood there dazed and confused.


“Break time is over madam, let’s get going,” Jeff said as his voice brought me back to reality. I forgot that I had eaten my lunch only halfway and just sauntered back to the office with the guys, my mind focused on Rachel.


How on earth did regular Rachel become classy rich Rachel, I wondered.


Saturday must come fast because Rachel gats cut this her soap for me…

To be continued…



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