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ARM Gift Of A Lifetime

Gift of a lifetime

There is no arguing the fact that the giving of gifts has become a very big part of our daily lives. Whether it’s for a loved one’s Birthday, Wedding, New Baby, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wedding anniversary, Valentine or Christmas, gifts help to strengthen bonds with colleagues, family and friends. Gifts are our way of staying in touch, saying thank you or just saying I’m happy for you!

Gifts could be mere symbolic tokens, or valuable items, they could achieve immediate fulfilment and soon afterwards become a thing of the past or be for longer lasting delight.

The ARM Gift of a Lifetime (GOAL) is a valuable investment gift that can last a lifetime and even appreciate with time, an ‘investment gift’ that keeps on giving. The ARM GOAL can be invested in any of ARM’s Mutual Funds. By choosing any of our Mutual Funds, you have laid a valuable foundation that will be cherished throughout a lifetime.

  • GOAL comes in the form of gift vouchers which can be redeemed into any of ARM’s mutual fund investment products
  • GOAL can be customized with the name of the receiver and giver; the giver can also add a personal message which would reflect on the gift voucher
  • The vouchers are designed in line with various gifting occasions, so there are GOAL vouchers for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Christmas, etc.
  • The minimum value of a GOAL voucher is N5,000
  • You can buy GOAL here using a debit/credit card or through the GTPay platform
  • Upon completion of the purchase and customization process a GOAL Gift voucher will be generated
  • The voucher will be sent via email to both the buyer and the beneficiary using the email you provide
  • A validation code will be generated and sent to both the buyer and beneficiary’s mobile phone numbers
  • This code is to be presented at the point of redeeming the GOAL voucher
  • Beneficiaries who are not already ARM clients would be required to complete an account opening form and provide required identification documents
  • Existing clients would simply provide the voucher validation code and their existing account will be credited with the value of the voucher
  • For existing clients, GOAL can be redeemed here



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