Not another work week!

It’s Sunday night and you’re excited because it’s one of the weeks you get to work remotely due to the staggered work conditions at the office following the pandemic. You’re happy because unlike the previous week, you don’t have to rush out into the frustrating traffic to get to work. So, you press play on the new series you’ve saved to your list on Netflix and settle in for a binge-fest.


An email alert pops up and one look confirms your fear – a group-wide meeting has been fixed for 8 AM the following morning followed by a short brainstorming session just two hours after. Instantly, the enthusiasm towards your binge-date with Netflix deflates as you imagine how tight your Monday would be despite working from home. You sigh and turn off the series – it can wait for now as you need to hit the sack.


Deep within, you wonder how it would feel to not have to work every day to eke a living and your heart does a double somersault. Waking up at the time you like and yet not having to worry about where to get money to survive sounded awesome to you. But just as soon as that glimmer of hope surfaces in your heart, reality slaps it back into the dream realm.


The problem


It’s at this point that you remember that you hadn’t given a thought to your retirement. Even though the mandatory pension contribution is deducted by your employer and remitted on your behalf into your retirement savings account, you often wish they didn’t have to.


You don’t even care about the reputation of the Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) that your pension account is domiciled with neither have you considered if the amount being contributed could fund the lifestyle you dream of when you retire.


Reality Check

The smell of something burning jolts you back to reality. The popcorn you were making on the stove-top for your Netflix date was burning but now, it is the least of your problems.


You immediately begin researching PFA’s and jotting down the ones with the experience and impressive pedigree. You narrow it down to ARM Pensions – a part of Asset & Resource Management Holding Company (ARMHoldCo) with over 27 years of experience managing assets for individuals and corporations. You initiate the step to move your pension to them and in the next twenty minutes that you took to read through the ARM Pensions website, you realise that you can Walk Into Tomorrow to plan your retirement and know exactly how much you need for the lifestyle you desire at retirement.


You immediately log in via and spend the rest of the night planning in joy as retirement starts to feel exciting.


As you close your browser to retire for the night, you decide that waking up early and going through the weekly routine of work and meetings wasn’t such a bad idea if it caters to your today and buys you the tomorrow of your dreams.

Visit to move to ARM Pensions today.

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