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Our robust technology combined, with experienced staff ensure efficient systems operations; giving you consistent, quality service delivery.

  • Certificate Administration: Physical certificates are usually converted to electronic forms before the units they represent could be traded. This process is called dematerialization. At ARM Securities, we liaise with the various registrars to ensure smooth and timely dematerialization of all clients’ certificates. An effective feedback system is also in place to ensure clients receive up-to-date progress report.

  • Public Offering: ARM Securities serves as a distribution channel for public offering by companies seeking to raise funds from the public. Be it initial public offering, right issue, offer for sale or offer for subscription, we are a dependable channel.

  • Stock Account Management: Private client’s assets are held in their personal CSCS (Central Securities Clearing Systems Limited) account while institutional client’s assets are held by the custodians. Wherever your assets are held, we will ensure easy administration, monitoring and timely settlement of trades as well as provide regular updates on executed and outstanding trade

  • Dividend Revalidation: Revalidation is the extension of the validity period of a stale (not converted to cash within six months of issue) dividend warrant. If authorized, ARM Securities liaises with the relevant registrars to revalidate dividend warrants on behalf of clients that were unable to cash their dividend warrants within the validity period.

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