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Treasury Bills

Get up to speed with all you need to know about Treasury Bills as a beneficial investment. Should you have further concerns or questions that have not been addressed here, kindly send us an email at [email protected]

General Information

Treasury Bills are short term government debt instruments issued by the CBN. This is one of the several ways the government raises funds. The CBN also uses treasury bills to control money supply in the economy.

Treasury Bills are sold through a bi-weekly auction conducted by the CBN. Buyers are requested to quote bids following which the average minimum bid is selected.

Treasury Bills can be bought through any official dealer/Agent/Bank.  ARM Securities can also help you buy your Treasury bills.

Treasury Bills are sold every other Wednesday (bi-weekly) as announced by the CBN. The CBN announces issuances on their website and in the pages of the Newspaper. This information can also be found on the DMO’s  (Debt Management Office) website.

Simply complete our T-bills application form and fund your account with the desired value.

Treasury Bills are one of the safest forms of investment and are backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Government of Nigeria

  • A good source of steady stream of income
  • Treasury Bills are a good investment outlet for your free and disposable cash
  • Treasury Bills are good investments for people who wish to save
  • Treasury Bills are also tax free
  • Treasury Bills are very liquid and can be converted to cash quickly
  • They can be used as a collateral

Interest derivable from Treasury Bills are not taxable.

Bidding Process

The bid rate otherwise called your STOP RATE is the likely interest rate that you have indicated to receive for the principal that you are investing in the T-bills.

If you do not have a Stop Rate or you are not sure of a rate you can select the prevailing market rate option on the application form.

Yes, you can purchase T-bills from the secondary market by completing the same T-bills application form.

Tenure and Maturity

T-bills are usually for 91days, 182days and 364 days.

Yes, you can sell T-bills before maturity.

The interest element of a treasury bill is paid to you upfront and credited to your bank account.

Yes, you can roll over your Investment

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