The Do’s of spending in retirement

Mojisola is on the brink of retirement and her excitement knows no bounds. She already drafted a plan of what she’d want to do with her years after hanging her work boot. She wants to get it right and enjoy her retirement without running out of money or good health.


Here are some interesting bits of her spending plan:



Track your spending daily – Mojisola knows that checking on her transactions and account balance will help her see how much is going out and discover where to cut back on excesses. This ensures that she won’t be dipping too much into the money she has saved.


Spend on learning – Continued education of any kind such as developing new professional skills or enhancing old ones is a positive way to spend retirement money, Mojisola discovered. This knowledge expansion helps you stay sharper and relevant as you get older.


Spend on relationship building – Paying for travel to visit her children, grandchildren, or old friends from school will be money well spent in retirement. Like her, you need to keep a vibrant social life to enjoy retirement.


Spend on activities that can improve your health – Such as health club/gym memberships, exercise equipment, and personal training, among others. Mojisola is aware that these activities will boost her mood, keep her in great physical and mental health and expose her to new relationships.


Spend on activities that bring you pleasure – Research shows that great experiences tend to bring far more happiness to retirees than accumulating lots of expensive stuff. So instead of buying an expensive bag, Mojisola would rather choose a trip with friends instead.


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