6 books to read on money and investing

6 books to read on money and investing

There’s a well of knowledge available for those who seek it – and if you’re interested in making more money, you should read more to understand how to handle money and the basics of investing.

Here are some books on personal finance and investment you should read to help you manage your finances better.


The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham


Referred to as the godfather of investing, Benjamin Graham takes a different approach to investing in this book which we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Warren Buffet calls this “the best book on investing you’ll ever read”.


A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel


This is a good one for beginners as Malkiel includes handy definitions of investment terms as it applies to various investment strategies directed toward different stages in life. In this book, he lays emphasis on long-term investments rather than get-rich-quick schemes including how to avoid common mistakes.


Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman



This book isn’t just about investment. This Psychology professor delves into how one’s thought processes can affect investment success. Within the book, Kahneman explains how to identify your biases and lock them out so as to make rational, clear, and analytical investment decisions.


Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin


This book is what you need to learn the art of living within your means by changing your habits and enjoying life. It helps you understand how to deal with this thing called ‘Budgeting’.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


‘Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not’ is touted as one of the bestselling personal finance books ever.


In this book, Kiyosaki uses his childhood recollections of his not-so-wealthy father and the father of his friend who was one of the richest residents in Hawaii to drive home points about money. The comparison shows how best to manage your money or lack of it, as well as helping your kids to do the same. Kiyosaki in this book posits that not all debt is bad, and you can build wealth even if you don’t currently have a staggering income.


The Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry


This book offers a fun, relatable take on managing money for beginners. Targeted towards 20-30-somethings who want to learn about finances, Lowry covers tricky, real-life situations involving money and how to deal with the challenges of having or not having enough brings.


Explore the pages of these select books to build your money-management and investing knowledge and then go on to explore www.arminvestmentcenter.com to put what you’ve learned to practice with a plethora of investment vehicles to suit your every need.

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ARM wraps up DAAYTA 2021, announces winner of ₦12m grant

The finalists’ pitch event for the 2021 edition of the Deji Alli Young Talent Award (DAAYTA) programme held on April 9th, 2021, with Tope Idris Sulaimon of Scrapays Technologies Limited emerging winner to claim the N12 million grant.

He expressed his excitement saying, “I am happy to be the winner of DAAYTA 2021. In addition to the funding, this opens more opportunities for our startup. Working with all the experienced partners increases our chances of reaching our set milestones, and that excites me even more.”

The Deji Alli Young Talent Award (DAAYTA) programme is a youth awards initiative founded in 2015 by ARM in honour of its founding CEO Deji Alli. The award’s goal is to provide support to young entrepreneurs with smart and innovative ideas that positively impact people’s lives and the communities around them.

The top 6 finalists were: Tope Idris Sulaimon with his idea, Scrapays Technologies Limited, a cleantech startup that uses technology to facilitate a decentralized recovery model of recyclable waste in developing nations; Eyitayo Ogunmola whose business idea is a solution called ‘The Nucleus’ because it is the brain box of every premium technology skill training; Akinse Fela Buyi of Salubata which produces modular shoes from plastic wastes; Udebuana Oscar Obiora of Edupoint Limited  whose solution Edupoint leverages artificial intelligence to connect students with verified local teachers who deliver one-on-one lessons in any subject, or skill, to help students or learners meet their learning goals; Imodoye Ayokunbi Abioro of Healthbotics whose business solution Lend An Arm encourages the easy transportation of blood using a virtual robot and a mobile application; Uche Kenneth Udekwe with Natal Cares whose business idea seeks to bridge the healthcare information gap existing in underserved communities.

Speaking about the occasion, CEO of ARM Jumoke Ogundare said, “I’m glad to say that the event went well, and I say a big congratulations to the winner Tope Sulaimon of Scrapays Technologies Limited and all runners up. We believe that they all have what it takes to make a sustainable impact in their communities, and we can’t wait to start recording success stories as we have with the past winners of DAAYTA since its pilot edition in 2015. I also appreciate the entire team, sponsor, and partners who have supported this initiative to enable us to achieve our goal of enabling young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to change the narrative in their various communities.”


The team of judges who delivered the sound judgment were: Dr. Ndidi Nnoli-Edozien – an Angel investor who has dedicated a significant part of her life to building bridges between large businesses and entrepreneurs, helping thousands of people at the bottom of the economic pyramid (BOP) in Nigeria live better lives; Kola Aina, founding Partner at Ventures Platform, an avid angel investor and mentor to startup founders; Sadiq Mohammed, Deputy Group CEO of ARM Group; Folashade Olusanya, a Partner at Jackson Etti & Edu and Victor Asemota, the Africa Partner for Alta Global Ventures, a US-based venture capital company.

About ARM

Established in 1994 as an asset management firm, Asset & Resource Management Holding Company Limited (ARM) has evolved into one of Nigeria’s most innovative and respected non-bank financial institutions focusing on Traditional Asset Management and Specialized Funds. ARM is a leading investment management firm that provides a diverse range of asset management services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, foundations and charities, high net-worth individuals, and small savers. See https://www.arm.com.ng/ for more details.

 About TechnoVision 

TechnoVision is the brand name for TechnoVision Communications Limited a technology services company that advises clients on technology-led transformation and early-stage entrepreneurship in Africa. See http://tvcng.com/ for more details.




3 ways to preserve your mental health

3 ways to preserve your mental health

As a busy professional, if you ever find yourself feeling mentally overwhelmed, these tips can help.


1. Identify what you’re feeling

Experts endorse writing as a way of tracking your emotional mood throughout the day. It is a practice that helps you understand which activities and times of the day trigger more anxiety. Once you can identify the trigger moments, you can better prepare yourself to respond.


2. Lean on others

Talking with people you trust can be the best outlet for maintaining your mental well-being. It allows them to express sympathy and empathy for what you’re going through. Rather than showing weakness, this shows strength and character while allowing the other person to equally open up about their feelings and struggles too.


3. Make time for yourself

Even if it’s just a short moment in time, doing something for yourself can help you relax and improve your mental health. If reading a book, journaling, or doing an exercise in the morning will make you feel happy for the rest of the day, do it – even if it’s for a few minutes. You don’t always have to put pressure on your mind by thinking only about work-related tasks.


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Five things to know before investing in the stock market

The stock market can help you make a lot of money, if you invest knowing the nitty-gritty of the market. Here’s what you need to know

Never jump blindly into stock markets

It often happens that while talking to your friends and colleagues, the discussion heads towards the stock market, and also how the stock market helps investors make big money. You might never have invested in the market, but after hearing about all those things, you also decide to buy some stocks. This move is highly discouraged, because you are jumping in blind. You should invest in the stock market after getting the basic knowledge about it and in accordance with your financial goals.

Before making your first investment, take the time to learn the basics about the stock market and the individual securities composing the market.

Your focus will be on individual securities which you are investing in and the relationship with the broader economy and the factors that drive your stock.

Take out time to learn some of the basic jargons used in the stock market sphere

Invest only what you can afford to lose

The biggest mistake newbie investors make is to invest money that they can’t actually afford to lose. Investing in the stock market can be volatile, and that means that you can potentially lose or gain.

Like any investment, there are inherent risks associated with the stock market. Some are the risks related to the, while some risks are stock-specific that you can avoid.

You need to decide your own risk tolerance considering your age, financial strength, retirement goal, etc., and accordingly make your investment move.

Avoid herd mentality

Unlike many investors, you should avoid the herd mentality that is influenced by the actions of your friends, neighbors or relatives without evaluating the current information and underlying stocks. Thus, if everybody around is investing in a particular stock, the tendency for potential investors is to do the same. But this strategy is bound to backfire in the long run if you have not chosen the stock by careful analysis, that meet your interests.

So, if you really don’t understand about the stock, never step in.

Before investing in a company, you should know about its business. It’s important to only invest in businesses that are easy for you to understand, especially while you’re just starting out. Never invest in a stock. Invest in a business instead.

Choose a Professional Stock Broker

Well, it is true that a lot of investors have made profits through the stock market. But it was only possible because they’ve good market knowledge, made some really smart choices by adopting carefully thought of strategies, and are also much disciplined in their approach.

One best way to safely navigate the stock market investment terrain is by partnering with a trusted professional stock broker. Your broker will advise you on what kind of stock to invest in and what to avoid. Using their financial analysis skills, a professional broker can help you project if your investment strategy will be profitable in future or not.

Riparian Farms Limited Gives Back to The Community

On the 31st of March, Riparian Farms Limited, a subsidiary of Asset & Resource Management Holding Company (ARM HoldCo.), officially handed over the CSR projects initiated to improve the learning environment for the Baptist School, Tibo, and Baptist School, Olorunda, both in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

In 2020, Riparian Farms Limited (RFL), a subsidiary of ARM HoldCo, saw the need to embark on this initiative to provide a better toilet facility for the students and teachers at both schools in support of a more conducive and appealing learning environment and to improve the living standards for the community through the provision of potable water supply.

This initiative is part of ARM’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an organization committed to building communities and supporting youth empowerment.

The Director, Riparian Farms Limited, Ms Uche Azubuike thanked the Ogun State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) for their support in making this initiative a reality. She also added, “ We look forward to new opportunities to keep making a positive impact for as long as we operate within this region.”

Present at the official handing over and commissioning ceremony of the newly built restrooms and water supply system were H.R.H Oba Moses Adelani Adegboyega Olabode (RN, FWACN, MNI) Odunfa II, Omola of Imala-Land, Ogun State; Executive Director, Riparian Farms Limited, Mr. Theo Onadeko; Director, Riparian Farms Limited, Ms Uche Azubuike.