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Meet the two crazy runners

There he was again. Even in the rain, Chimdi couldn’t understand why this fellow always had to run along the same path as he almost every day. Worse, he was just totally unfriendly…never acknowledging the runner’s nod Chimdi gave him whenever they passed each other while running.

Jerome moved into the estate 4 months earlier and loved how accessible routes were to make his run a smooth affair. He also loved that he could run in peace without having to exchange pleasantries and maybe even slow down just to talk with someone. He hated going to the gym or exercising and then spending a good portion of the time he could use in putting in more energy, gisting. It just wasn’t his style.

So, whenever he ran along the estate route, he plugged his ear pod and blasted his Jamz for motivation. He often noticed this fair-skinned dude who runs at the same time nodding his head at him, but he didn’t want to start something he couldn’t finish.

But the dude started it. He let go of the nodding and suddenly started trying to outrun him every morning. Jerome found that to be a challenge and he took Chimdi on. Without speaking to each other every morning, they would appear at the same time and like an imaginary gun was shot into the air to mark the start of the race, both guys would take off each intending to beat the other.

This run-play continued with no apparent winner until a golden opportunity came to know the real champion.

Chimdi heard that the ARM Run For The Future was back, this time virtually, and slated for the first week in December and he figured that this was it. He spoke to Jerome for the first time and they both agreed to run together and check who would finish first on the RFTF app’s leaderboard. So, they downloaded the app and got set for the run.

While speaking about the run, these two stubborn heads discovered they had a lot in common. Soon, they were practising together ahead of the run and Jerome even started enjoying gisting while running.

He learnt two lessons from this incident. One, having a fitness buddy can sometimes be a good motivation and secondly, he got to know about the coolest run/walk event to end the year and could win loads of great prizes if he comes out tops.


You could win amazing prizes too, but you must download the RFTF app on Google Store to run. Go ahead and invite your fitness buddies to download the app and join the fun – the more, the merrier!

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No Retirement Regret

No Retirement Regret

Grandma Ibadan, as Mrs. Abiodun Coker was popularly called, was a very loving and generous woman who spent her retirement years giving and spreading joy to anyone and everyone who met her.


Mrs. Abiodun was known as a lady who lived life to the fullest. She hosted monthly parties for children on the street and the widowed. She saw these as an opportunity for her and the other ladies to be a source of comfort to each other. The women also found a level of fulfilment from hosting the kids on the streets.


During one of such parties, Grandma Ibadan noticed one of the widows looking sad despite all the joy that filled the room. “A penny for your thought,” she said, as she bumped into her slightly from behind. “Ah, Grandma. Good afternoon ma Mrs. Tunji replied, slightly startled.


“Good afternoon, my dear. How are you? You look so lost, what is the matter?”


Mrs. Tunji sighed deeply, “Grandma, I’m not happy. I have so much in my life to be grateful for. I enjoy coming over for these parties but, it also gets me thinking about my life. Mama, I was a successful young woman. I had cars and I could go on trips whenever I wanted. I lived the life but look at me now. I can barely afford the day-to-day running of my life. I even had to sell off the last of my cars last week just to stay afloat”, Mrs. Tunji said.


“Walk with me to the garden, let’s talk,” Mrs. Abiodun said.


“Mrs. Tunji, I’m going to ask a few uncomfortable questions and then share a bit about myself with you. I hope that’s okay?”.


“Yes, ma. It’s fine.”


In all your days as working-class lady, did you consider and prepare for retirement and old age? Did you have a pensions account or even a savings targeted towards your old age?


Mrs. Tunji, looking down at her feet with shame, “No ma, I didn’t.”


“Look at me, my dear. While I do not applaud you for your decisions, I do not judge you either. It is very easy to get carried away when we are young, we forget that we cannot be young forever. Let me tell you a bit of myself.


“Just like you, I lived quite the life. I travelled around the world on vacations and bought properties for myself. You know I like beautiful houses, but if there was also something I loved to do even more, and it was saving. So, while my employer opened and funded an RSA account for me, I saved quite a lot by myself.”


“Hmm, grandma, how did I not know to save like this? I had a pensions account but what I get paid monthly is barely enough to my needs. I did put some money aside from time-to-time, but I always ended up spending it when I wanted to take a trip or throw myself a big birthday party. I wish I had done better. I look at my son now and I worry about his future. He spends a lot of his money clubbing and buying the latest power bike. I know he has a pension account, but I fear it might not suffice in taking care of him late in retirement.”


“I think you should talk to your son about planning for retirement. I hear that you can make additional voluntary contribution to your RSA these days. I also heard ARM Pension has a Retirement Lifestyle Planner that helps you plan and prepare for your retirement according to your lifestyle”, Mrs. Tunji concluded.


“Grandma, thank you for this talk. I will in turn have a talk with my son about this. This has been such a productive conversation. Thanks again, Grandma.”




Our Retirement Lifestyle Planner enables you to Walk Into Tomorrow, today to plan out your dream retirement. On this easy-to-use portal, you get a holistic view of how your retirement lifestyle would be and how much you’d need at every point in your retirement. This helps you to total up the magic number you need to save to get the retirement you desire.


Click here to Walk Into Tomorrow and plan your dream retirement now.

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