Build the tomorrow you want

Build the tomorrow you want

Build the tomorrow you cannot see, the tomorrow you want”, my father’s exact words …

As I grow older, I understand that every activity is a puzzle piece for a bigger picture which has guided my journey all through life. Growing up I felt I had everything figured out, graduate at a certain age, get a well-paying job and start a family. The “happily ever after “story like they call it, but then reality sets in I graduated at the “right” age, got a job with the salary barely enough to pay for my recurrent expenditure.

My greatest worry has always been to measure my fulfillment or how one works and spends daily and still have enough when the unforeseen happens. Ever since my father died, I have come to understand the true meaning of “responsibilities”, having to take care of my mother, my siblings and “bae” who is trying to get us hooked despite my meager salary. Every morning when my alarm rings, it is a constant reminder that days pass by swiftly and I have little or no time at all to get it all together.

 “Build the tomorrow you cannot see, the tomorrow you want”, my father’s exact words anytime he’s about to scold me for spending lavishly. A day came when I finally understood this phrase, the day tears I couldn’t hold back dropped down my eyes as I spoke to the ARM agent over the phone, who told me I was the major beneficiary of his ARM LIFE Protection Plan and I thought to myself “This is the Tomorrow he built yesterday”.

I finally realized there is a way to measure fulfillment and be ready when the unforeseen happens. I have found a solution, building my tomorrow by putting something away in an ARM LIFE Protection Plan is indeed a wise decision.

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If you’ve Ever Fallen For A Mumu Ponzi Scheme, Allow Us To Tell Your Story

If you’ve Ever Fallen For A Mumu Ponzi Scheme, Allow Us To Tell Your Story

So you’re sitting on your own, minding your business, listening to DavidO singing ‘THIRTY BILLION FOR THE ACCOUNT OH!’


And you’re there thinking about your last debit alert like

Next thing, your phone is ringing, so you pick up like

And somebody is telling you that you can make 200% more than what you currently earn. IN ONE WEEK!


So what do you do? You take the deal of course! Because Pastor said all those Blessings of Abraham are your own now


But you quickly realize this thing is not that straightforward oh. You have to Get Help from someone, who needs to Get Help From someone, who has to Get Help from another person before your own money can ‘complete’

Next thing you hear they’re freezing accounts and your hopes of joining Forbes list are slimming down quick

Your Investor Friend takes you on a date and tells you to keep the change #KeepTheChangeBae

Because you’re a smart person who learns from their mistakes, you ring up your happy investor friend like:

And they show you the beautiful mysteries of investing wisely and the joy that addeth no jibiti

Wise investments….like the ARM Money Market Fund.


…because it’s a jungle out there and you always have to keep your eyes peeled (‘_’ )

We’re assuming you want more mileage for your kobo, and you want better financial security than you have right now

Would you look at that?

ARM Financial Advisers are offering free financial advice services to save you from yourself.

Send an email to: [email protected].

Or call: 0700 CALL ARM.

Or…go disturb their Twitter and Facebook.

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Economic Update: March 2017

Economic Update: March 2017

In this Economic Update report, we discuss government’s economic recovery plan, expected Q1 17 GDP reading and impact of recent developments in currency market on inflation and fixed income market outlook.

CBN sustains aggressive dollar sales: Following the raft of policy measures implemented by the apex bank in February, the CBN bolstered its campaign with further moves aimed at strengthening the convergence between the interbank and parallel market.  First off, execution rate for dollar sales to retail users was revised downwards to N360/$. In addition to selling to Banks and BDCs at N357/$ and N360/$, the CBN also raised its forward intervention sales to ~$1.2 billion. In testing the sustainability of the apex bank’s sizable dollar sales, we evaluate potential dollar inflow and outflow through the CBN and evaluate their impact on the nation’s reserves. In addition to the $2.2billion potential external borrowings, we forecast a $13.9 billion oil inflow over 2017 (+36% YoY) reflecting improved oil production of 2mbpd (2016 average: 1.83mbpd) and higher oil prices of $55/bbl. (2016 average: $43.87/bbl.). In all, we expect overall inflow to outweigh potential dollar sales and non-WDAS outflows. This suggest that CBN could successfully sustain its market intervention in the near term.

Eyes on inflation as NGN gains ground at parallel market: Reflecting impact of high base effect from 2016, headline inflation moderated 92bps from prior month to 17.78% YoY in February. Though we noted that base effect from 2016 and sustained deceleration in the core basket (from November 2016) would keep YoY inflation on the down-low, we were heedful of pressures from rising food prices (+71bps to 18.5% YoY) as carry-over impact from naira declines to a low of N510/$ at the parallel markets in the earlier weeks of February left price competitiveness of Nigerian farm produce intact over period. Fast-forward to March, the raft of FX policies by the apex bank from late February 2017 which has led to a staggering 22% naira appreciation at the parallel market to N390/$ in March now questions the premise for our prior food inflation expectation for the coming reading. Wafting support for this inquest is the first contraction in cereal prices in four months as at end of February (-9% MoM to N130/kg)—a month for which the full impact of CBN’s new policy was yet to take footing. Thus, we expect moderation in food inflation to bolster inflation deceleration in March reading, which we forecast at 16.6% YoY.

Read more on our economic update here

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