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Preserving Your Wealth

At ARM Trustees, we understand how hard you work to provide for the people important to you and how much you want to leave a legacy that ensures they are always well taken care of.

A Trust will not only preserve your wealth, it will also take care of your beneficiaries should anything happen to you. This is why we are committed to offering tailor-made trust structures that suit your individual and beneficiaries’ needs during and after your lifetime.

Our Living trust services are geared towards the preservation and enhancement of wealth for our clients and future generations. We adopt professional investment advice from competent independent financial advisers including parent company ARM.

We are able to draft initial and ancillary documentation to establish and administer trust settlements, distribute trust income to beneficiaries and administer the trust.


Taking care of future
generations and more

Planning your future is as important as planning for the present. The right Trust, managed by the right professionals, ensures that your wealth is properly preserved for the future.


The ARM Advantage







What's important to you is
important to us

Everything we do is based on our understanding of what is important to you. Establishing a suitable Trust requires careful consideration, consultation and planning. Our expertise in administering Trusts, which are tailored to meet your needs, ensures that you receive professional advice from Trust Advisors who are concerned about your best interests, have a fiduciary duty to look after your assets and are always willing to assist and manage your affairs as it relates to your trust settlement.

Our experience has given us an unrivaled advantage. You also receive the dedicated, personal attention you deserve and are guaranteed utmost confidentiality and security. We are your committed partners; therefore rest assured your assets are well protected. ARM Trustees, leveraging on our holding company, ARM, is able to offer prudent and effective management of your Trust in a manner that promotes growth and preservation.


Got questions?
We've got answers.

A Trust is the legal relationship amongst 3 parties – the Settlor, the Trustee and the Beneficiaries.

The Settlor is the original creator of the Trust.

The Trustee is the ‘holder’ of the assets transferred to the Trust by the Settlor. The Trust assets are however considered to be distinct and separate from the assets of the Trustee.

The Beneficiary or Beneficiaries are the party or parties for whose benefit the Trust has been established.

All types of assets can be transferred to a trust portfolio, though the most commonly transferred are shares, cash and real estate.

The Trust Deed is the legal document governing the affairs of a Trust. The Deed would usually outline the powers of the Trustee, the beneficiaries entitled to take under the trust arrangement and in some instances what they are entitled to receive.

Before you establish an ARMT-managed trust, a clear understanding of your objectives is vital. Once we have a clear understanding of these, we will recommend an appropriate form of trust and determine policy and investment strategies that will be most suitable for you.

As Trustee, ARMT will administer the trust, invest and manage the assets under the trust. We will also carry out distributions of benefits during the life of the trust and effect final distribution of assets on termination of the trust.

There are many reasons or objectives for setting up a trust.

A Trust is one of the key modes of ensuring that the last stage of the financial circle as early mentioned i.e. transfer is achieved. Most people fail in planning the last stage of the circle, while a lot of attention is focused on the first 2 stages. Other advantages are as follows:

  • Preservation – A Trust can be used to preserve your wealth for future generations, while you are still alive.
  • Prevention of delays – A Trust ensures that the management of personal assets is uninterrupted by delays in obtaining probate from the courts.
  • Confidentiality – A Trust can keep ownership of assets confidential
  • Efficient Management of assets – A Trust ensures efficient management and administration by a trusted third  party, making it convenient for you to focus on other issues;
  • Effective distribution of personal wealth – ensures that your personal wealth is distributed according to your wishes after your demise;
  • Taxation – Minimises the incidence of taxation where you have investments in more than one tax jurisdiction. This issue is becoming more relevant as an increasing number of individuals acquire properties/assets offshore.

You can establish a trust at any point in time. Howbeit, setting up a trust is important for those who have dependants, have long term medical needs, or assets located in various locations.

To ensure a consistent, high level of service, each trust relationship is assigned to an experienced Trust Advisor who provides a single point of contact. Your Trust Advisor works closely with you  to determine which type of trust structure would be most effective for you. Following constitution of your Trust, your Trust Advisor will administer your Trust Settlement and carry out the instructions expressed in your trust deed including making distributions to your beneficiaries.