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Private Trust

ARM Trustees Limited (ARMT) proffers private trust advice to clients on strategies for effective estate planning. Our main strategy is geared towards the preservation and enhancement of wealth for our clients and future generations. We adopt professional investment advice from competent independent financial advisers inclusive of our parent company ARM. Our Trust services includes advising on suitable trust structures, establishing and administering trust settlements.

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Offshore Trust

With today’s realities, lifestyles and perspectives are becoming more global together with the current economic, social and political risk. Are you looking cross-border in search of international opportunities to build and protect your wealth and family legacy?  

We recognise the increased focus and demand to improve, diversify, and protect the current and future generations lifestyle, health, global mobility, and wealth. We are here to realise your ambitions.  

At ARM Trustees, we help you structure your growing wealth; fixed and fluid asset in diverse forms and create appropriate vehicles and channels to leverage opportunities both locally and internationally for yourself and your named beneficiaries.  

  1. Foreign residency & citizenship: We leverage our international networks and strategic alliances, to help in achieving foreign residency options, that are best suited for your wealth creation, expansion and preservation goals, 
  2. Wealth & offshore solutions- Trust, Foundation, Company (‘SPV’). International Investment possibilities, irrespective of your reason, we provide unmatched international structuring thus leveraging best return, asset protection and estate planning.  
  3. Corporate expansion solutions including; Holding Company structure; Intellectual property & brand protection.  
  4. International Real Estate investment opportunities & Structures. 
  5. Foreign Banking Accounts. 

International Focus 

Enjoy the benefits of having your wealth protected; being a global investor and protecting your family wealth and securing their future, by working with us, to get started, complete our contact form here.  

Start a trust today!

Download the form below and send filled copy to [email protected] 

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