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Executorship & Trusteeship

This service relates to the administration of the Estate of a deceased who dies with a Will and appoints persons or an institution to carry out the directives in the Will. The persons named in a Will to carry out the outlined instructions contained therein are called EXECUTORS. Where a person dies leaving a Will, the Executors must process the Grant of Probate. This is the document that validates the appointment of the Executors. They will notify interested parties, distribute assets to the named beneficiaries in the Will and generally ensure the directives of the writer of the Will is carried out. Where such directives requires the Executors to continue administration of the deceased’s Estate, a testamentary Trust arrangement has been created. The role of the Executor is to ensure distribution of assets under an Estate and this can be done after the Grant of Probate is obtained however Trusteeship responsibility under a Will can be generational depending on the nature of the structure in the Will.

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